In 2005, a company called Iris Print published a graphic novel script I wrote called Only Words. After going out of business, I received a stock of books and I placed a digital version of the book out for eBook readers. Around the time I'd sold Only Words, I wrote a menslove series for publisher DramaQueen, called Roulette. A short time after that, I sold scripts to a German publisher for Loud Snow and Games with Me.

It became clear to me after the arts were turned over for Loud Snow that the publisher in Germany wasn't in a financial position to publish it, or Games with Me. I contacted the publisher and asked her to void the contracts (I even paid back the advances). In 2010 I decided to produce Snow (and eventually Games) because my artists deserved to be paid for their work. A few months before the release of Snow, trouble started brewing over at DramaQueen. I'm not rehashing the details here, let's just say they were kaput and so was Roulette. I felt bad for Laura Carboni, they owed her more money then they owed me.

I went with a POD printer for Snow and Games, and moved a good amount of stock at conventions and online; Lynsley Brito and Amelie Belcher at least got back their page rates. After releasing Games with Me in 2012, the publisher in Poland who paid for a series I wrote called Sacrifice, informed me that they weren't publishing anything due to some financial theft in-house; with no series to keep her paid, the artist, Katarzyna Kara, decided to attend college full-time. Good news came when my POD publisher got bought by Ingram. I signed a great distribution deal for print editions of Snow and Games and could move them through Ingram though they were POD titles.

I decided to make eBook versions of my publisher-orphaned titles. I put in many hours preparing image files and was proud of what I'd done. Sadly, digital reader technology changed and I couldn't keep up with all the resolution and size requirements.  In 2015, Amazon began charging inflated delivery fees for heavily illustrated files. Frustrated, I took them out of circulation and sent the files to the artists. Technology has finally caught up, and despite Amazon offering their 'Kindle Comics Creator' for free, it still produces a large file and they still continue to charge too much to deliver it.

This summer (2019) I'll create new digital editions of Only Words, Loud Snow, and Games with Me. Along with a one-shot previously released by Iris Print called, In Motion.

Only Words
Written by Tina Anderson
Illustrated by C Monaco
Games With Me
Written by Tina Anderson
Illustrated by Lynsley Brito
Loud Snow
Written by Tina AndersonIllustrated by Amelie Belcher

In Motion
Written by Tina AndersonIllustrated by Liv Lingborn

Roulette (Canceled)
Written by Tina Anderson
Illustrated by Laura Carboni
Sacrifice (Canceled)
Written by Tina Anderson
Illustrated by Katarzyna Kara
Scanned Samples
Only Words[R-18] [GLBT] [131p] [BW] [sample @ Portfolio]
Games with Me[R-18] [Yaoi] [131p] [BW] [sample @ Portfolio]
Loud Snow[R-15] [BL] [131p] [BW] [sample @ Portfolio]
In Motion[R-18] [GLBT] [BW]
Roulette[R-18] [GLBT] [BW] [sample @ Portfolio]
Sacrifice[R-15] [BL] [BW] [ sample @ Portfolio]