Studio Plug'n Play (2003-2006)
Gynocrat (2003-06)
Writer, Editor, Lettering
Production, Printing
Minako (2003-05)
Illustrator, Writer
Pencils, Tones, Inks
Darkzel (2004-05)
Illustrator, Paints
Pencils, Inks, Tones
Kheelan (2004-06)
Illustrator, Writer
Pencils, Inks, Tones
Studio Plug'n Play Production Catalogue
Injury (Gynocrat - Minako) 2004
Kenshin [Sōjirō/Yahiko]
Winter Fan Book (Minako, Gynocrat) 2004
Trigun [Various Pairings]
Fang Pond (Gynocrat, Darkzel) 2004
Inuyasha [Inuyasha/Adult Shippo]
Blackpoint (Minako, Gynocrat) 2005
Kenshin [Hajime/Sanosuke]
Surprise! (Gynocrat, Darkzel) 2005
Inuyasha [Inuysha/Koga]
Empire of Dirt (Gynocrat, Kheelan) 2006
Trigun [Wolfwood/Vash x Knives]
Here Comes Your Man (Gynocrat, Minako) 2006
Wolf's Rain [Tsume/Toboe]
FUTZ #1, #2 (Gynocrat/Kheelan) 2006-07
Trigun AU [Midvalley/Wolfwood]
Elegant Madness (2005-06)
EGAD #1 |[Kugashira/Lee]
Quiet Storm, Smear
Staple Expo - Austin, TX (2005)
Stories - Gynocrat, Illustrations - Kheelan

EGAD #2 |[Kugashira/Lee]
Sentence Rule, Passive Aggression
Let's Stampede 2005 - Nagoya, JP
Stories - Gynocrat, Illustrations - Kheelan

EGAD #3 [Kugashira/Lee]
Reunion, Joy Ride, Dinner, Nothing in Common
Comiket 69 - Tokyo, JP
Stories - Gynocrat, Color Illustrations - Kheelan

Gungrave English Anthology
Story Inclusion: Stakeout [Kugashira/Lee]
Comiket 69 - Tokyo, JP
Story by Gynocrat, Illustration - DoriAN

Bonedriven [Gungrave]
Story Inclusion: Betrayal
San Japan 2006 - San Antonio, TX
Story by Gynocrat, Illustration - Kheelan

Otter Hotpot (2019 - )
Sea of DiscordGolden Kamuy (Ogata | Tanigaki) (7th Division)AUGUST 15
Fan Fiction
I started writing fanfic with Gundam Wing. It was pure trash and I liked writing it! My Gundam fiction revolved around Heero Yuy and Chang Wufei (1x5x1) - Wu especially because my thirst for Chinese men with attitude. Did it surprise anyone that I fell hard for Balladbird Lee from Gungrave? I adored that man, I wanted to be that man, even after they butchered his characterization with that whole Superiorization bullsh-- I digress.

Artist 'Kheelan' was a Kugashira Bunji fanatic and wasn't really down with all the Brandon/Bunji fics that defined the English scene. I started writing a lot of Elegant and Madness (Lee/Kugashira) and Kheelan illustrated a ton of brilliant little ink pics of them. Those were good times, until I got all superior and destroyed everything there was to destroy. Known on the Nightow events circuit in Japan, I segued into the Gungrave fandom and found it age appropriate (these ladies were my age, and that was nice). Nearly all the fandom creators I met wrote short fiction because comics was something 'younger fans' did. To keep up with them, I became one of those writers that had the audacity to "publish" my fanfic. It was one thing to write comics and charge for them, but to charge for fanfic?

The pearl-clutching occurred only Stateside because in Japan, collections of printed fanfic (called novels doujinshi) are published with and without illustrations and quite trade-able, thanks.I started writing fan fiction again in 2018 when I met some great people at Tumblr and wrote them a Star Trek DS9 story called Beta Clones. My passion for historical seinen (mens-manga) and guns, led me to Golden Kamuy. A friend in Japan told me about her Pixiv Account and the stories she was reading there and OMG - I've gone down the rabbit hole, Alice!
Fan Fiction Vault
Gundam Wing Collection (2001-2003)
1x5x1 | Chang Wufei, Heero Yuy
Gungrave Collection (2005-2007)
Kugashira Bunji/Balladbird Lee
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (2018) 1 FicKeevan/WeyounAO3
Golden Kamuy (Current) OngoingTanio/Otani | Tanigaki Genjirou/Ogata HyakunosukeAO3